You're a Dickhead on your Hoverboard, No Matter Where You Come From. An Interview with Max Siedentopf

What is it about a hoverboard that screams ‘DICKHEAD’ to you?

These boards are referred to as a hoverboards yet they are quite far away from an actual hoverboard as we all know it. Adding to this, I have observed over the past two years that the particular owners of these fake hoverboards use them almost as a kind of throne. Once they stand on the board, they pretend to be better than everyone else.

 Can you give us any insight into your creative, brainstorming process? Is there a specific quirk you have, before embarking on a project?

I love to observe my surroundings and find oddities in it. From time to time something things get stuck in my memory, things that others take for granted but are actually super strange if you look a bit closer. Finding the strange bits in real life is often a lot weirder than fictitious stories.

Dickhead"You're a Dickhead on Your Hoverboard, No Matter Where You Come From #4"

 So why is it that you’re so drawn to create such heavily satirised projects?

It’s fun.

 Who are some people that have inspired you?

All my friends and the people I surround myself with inspire me on a daily basis.

Did any of your muses in the series have any special moments or accidents on their hoverboards?

One of those dickheads broke my bloody hoverboard.

dickhead2"You're a Dickhead on Your Hoverboard, No Matter Where You Come From #2"

 What is your biggest pet peeve? And please don’t say this interview.

Last Sunday I was directing a video shoot for a Rotterdam based band, which got cut short because of a drunk Ajax Hooligan who didn’t want them in his neighborhood. Ignorant and intolerant people are definitely something I’m not a big fan of, and it probably also relates back to the dickhead series. Having lived in many different countries around the world it’s difficult for me to relate to these people that only know their little town and are judgmental towards everyone else. I know for sure though, that you have amazing humans no matter where you are, but also just as many dickheads no matter where you go to.

 How do you think people will view your series in 25 years?

Ideally, people will not be able understand it anymore because all dickheads on their flying hoverboards have moved far away to their own planet.

dickhead3"You're a Dickhead on Your Hoverboard, No Matter Where You Come From #3"