Travel Guide: 6 Places to Check Out While You Visit PHOA at Art Jakarta

In celebration of The Public House of Art’s first time in Indonesia, we bring you our first ever Travel Guide!

We are off to Art Jakarta 2017 with our superstars: Andrey Kezzyn, Jenny Boot, Barbara van den Berg, Carolina Mizrahi, Paulina Otylie Surys, Flore Zoé and Thomas Thijssen!  The fair, now in it’s ninth year, has become incremental in introducing the Indonesian art scene to local and international collectors, so naturally we are super excited to be involved.

Having never visited this bustling metropolis ourselves, we delved in to our network of travellers and expats and asked them for some hot tips. Read on for six places you can check out while you’re visiting us at Art Jakarta. See you there!

1: Potato Head
As convenient as it is that Potato Head is located in the same building as Art Jakarta 2017, this place made our list for one reason - The Kookaburra, a cocktail on the menu that came with the following recommendation:

“The Kookaburra is the best cocktail on the planet. No contest. Add that to your list and people will come and thank you with tears in their eyes.” Need we say more? You’re welcome in advance.

2:  Crumble Crew

If you’ve had too many Kookaburra’s, stop by Crumble Crew. This three-in-one pitstop features a cycling inspired coffee bar, healthy smoothie bowls, and deliciously fine tuned traditional Javan lunches - AKA everything you’ve ever needed to cure a hangover.

3: Lucy in the Sky

This cosy glasshouse is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, without actually leaving the city. Lucy in the Sky is a great place to see Jakarta’s colourful skyline light up as the sun goes down, especially when paired with a BBQ style menu and a tropical cocktail or two.

4: Tanamera
If you’re in need of a caffeine boost, head straight to one of Tanamera’s locations. This award winning roastery supports local farmers by using beans only from the Indonesian Archipelago, and has been given the seal of approval by the massive coffee snob writing these words you are reading (they have a VERY nice coffee machine).

5: Lola
Lola’s South American-style bites and Tiki cocktails may not be the Indonesian experience you were expecting on your visit to Jakarta, but they describe themselves as “a socialising haven for those with a penchant for something dark yet delightful” which is right up our alley! This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

6: Kila Kila

“Kila kila” means “sound of joy” in Sanskrit, and the place comes highly recommended as it continues to live up to it’s name with a delicious Indonesian menu and top quality service, plus a great view of the city to boot.


Written by Amsterdam-Based Freelance Writer, Taryn Hart for The Public House of Art.