The Real Housewives of the Rijksmuseum

Welkom to the Rijksmuseum. Home to the original art gallery girls, each with a bigger canvas than the next! But how do they all coexist under the same roof? The drama starts HERE!

“I may be a Milkmaid, but a night with me, will take you to the land of milk and honey.”

The Milkmaid, Vermeer, ca. 1660.


“Get your hands off my wine rhyton! I've had a bit to drink and I'm nowhere near done yet, and there’s more than one runt eyeing my precious cargo. God, where did the night end up? Can't remember a thing.”

Pandora, Barend Graat, 1676.

“I may have walked away with a lazy eye, but you should see the other broad.”

Portrait of Catharina Behaghel, Jacob Jordaens (I), 1635.


"Why do I feel so low? Is it the rejection by that former suitor? Finding out my piano teacher is engaged? Stupid little sister getting married first? Whatever, at least this outfit is on point. DAMN!"

Portrait of Mertijntje van Ceters, Anonymous, 1623.


“I’m an Idealised Shepherdess, but it’s the men who are dogs when they’re hounding me for a tête-à-teat.”

A Shepherdess, Paulus Moreelse, 1630.


“Who needs a divorce lawyer?”

Salome with the Head of John the Baptist, Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen, 1524.


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