The Ethereal Works of Esther Levigne

There’s more than what first meets the eye when it comes to the works of Esther Levigne - a whole lot more! Live with PRIDE and get to know the erotic, violent and provocative art from our Dutch superstar; don’t be scared, be daring.

Her artworks may be on the dark side, but this only makes it so much more fascinating and original. Currently living between the two cosmopolitan cities Amsterdam and New York, Esther Levigne has more layers than an onion, as every single little detail that goes into her work holds its very own significant story of fantasy, life, form and freedom. Through a variety of mediums including paint, spray, collage, ink, embroidery and pencil the illustrative and graphic artworks of Esther discuss concepts of beauty and sexuality. As part of her collaboration with the Public House of Art for 'The Devil Inside Me', Esther inks her way through an enormous number of drawings and fine art paintings, which reveal her infatuation with eroticism, the human form, beauty and religion alongside.

Esther Levigne. Tiny Meat in My Chest. Original Artwork.

No, there is not literally a tiny piece of meat in Esther’s chest, not that we know of anyway. The charcoal and ink drawing of what first looks like a woman bending over shoving a large instrument into a palpating heart demonstrates Esther’s excellent use of soft eroticism and violence. With horse like qualities (look a little closer and you will see this gal has a tail sticking out of her sweet derriere) the drawing mixes flesh and blood with a honey-sweet aggression making it hard to decipher whether she is angry or sad. “Just like any other woman”, though they’d be wrong.

Esther Levigne. Sweet Decline I. Original Artwork.

Sweet Decline I is one of the artist’s most vibrant works with an airy and breezy mish mash of colours that will leave you craving a cigarette and a pearl necklace. ;) Layers of mediums including spray paint, ink and watercolour imbue a flamboyant flair of fantasy. “Behind the skin, organs are transformed into thoughts, tissues into dreams and systems in desires”. Can’t get enough? No fear, the saga continues in Sweet Decline II.

Esther Levigne. Roses Poems Don't Mean Love. Original Artwork.

Money doesn’t buy you love, and  roses and poems doesn’t mean someone loves you either. A hard-hitting title that may strike a few heartstrings, but the work itself couldn’t be any more gentle. Pastel pinks and turquoise blues twist and bleed together to reveal a horse with a blossoming flower tiara bouquet; one that could make any aspiring goddess filled with envy. Anthropomorphism is a clear-cut theme within the work of Esther Levigne, which could not be more evident in Roses and Poems Don’t Mean Love. Ascribing human attributes to something that isn’t human is right up her street and remains a key focal point throughout her illustrative works. 

Esther Levigne. Is This All You Have?. Original Artwork.

No, this isn’t all Esther has as she has a plethora of works to be discovered! A semi-nude bourgeoisie woman has been drawn intricately in charcoal as she slays the relationship between the realities of the human form. Fantasies, Patterns and embroideries also play a huge role in the artist’s work. Her subject drips in a gothic decadence exposing droplets of blood, flesh and intricate details. Gender does not exist in the erotically charged image that morphs animal and human into one sublime creature.

When Esther isn’t painting her wildest fantasies, she likes to drink red wine and “dance as wild as she can when nobody is watching”. Check out all the works by Esther Levigne at The Public House of Art!


Written by Paris-Based Freelance Writer, Joanna Reid for The Public House of Art.