Summer. Colour. Art. Drinks. Repeat.

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots and more shots…of our launch party! The launch of two incredible artists, face painting and apperol spritz; you know people turned up and then got turnt UP! But in typical PHoA style, we supplied delicious bites to line those bellies before yet another successful event! 

With a fully-rearranged and reimagined store to usher in our two, newest stars: Sandeep Dhopate and Alfred Drago Rens, herds of party people were engrossed by the latest additions to ‘Identity Kit’.
Crisp, white box-frames allowed Dhopate’s works to float as celestial wonders. And it was two CASTLE-sized works of his, in liquid gloss (yea, we know this sounds disgustingly chic) that stunned everyone with their incredible detail and vibrant saturations of unworldly colours. 

Baroque and black frames for Drago Rens with plexi matt to embrace the vintage cartes de visite and present a modern contrast to his dynamic blocks of colour. His perceived coloured auras had curious customers guessing their own auras. 

The summer launch was definitely filled with an infectious aura of happiness as we painted the night in true, colourful PHoA style! In case you missed the party, you can see these fabulous artworks, which are shockingly affordable, online or in store! Now, go colour that beautiful kit of yours with the Identity Kit collection.

Sandeep Dhopate. The Herd. 2016. Photography. Edition of 30.