PHOA's Guide for Giving Gifts to Art Lovers

Holiday shopping in general can be a headache, and it seems that we all have a friend who’s a self-proclaimed ‘aesthete’. A sensitive darling accustomed to feeling unique, and being lauded for an effortless, chic-weirdness. So how do you capture the rare essence of an art lover, in just one gift?

Meret Oppenheim. Sugar Ring. mid-1930s.

Ladies first. An irreverent and charming mix of artifice and ornament, this one’s for the woman who forges her own path; she probably owns a wardrobe with a designated pantsuit section. With a fashion sense so conscious, her undergarments are but a careful detail in the ensemble. Gift her something that meets those demands! Only an accessory as satirical, could be so timeless for such a bold being. Plus, we all know this woman has caffeine pulsing through her veins.

John Cage’s 4’33. 1952.

For the conceptual aficionado. Nothing says, “I get you”, more than a copy of John Cage’s 4’33 (vinyl for bonus points). Your consideration will be humbly received, and you can bet that this off-the-grid, introvert will use it as a personal ringtone. Make sure to get a remastered version, no one really wants to listen to vintage silence. ;)

Jean-Michel Basquiat. Limoges Porcelain Venta Tonal Plate. 2010.

A seamless blend of contemporary grit and historical bourgeoise, this porcelain plate from Limoges is a perfect present for the stylish art lover. Combining the patterned graffiti from blue-chip artist, Basquiat with the genteel air of French history, this is a dish best served with a silver spoon. Now, what would Pompadour do?..

Paola Pivi. I love my zizi. 2014.

The solution for any parental looking to spoil a child rotten this time of year. Whimsical, feather-covered bears that embrace the power of imagination; it’s a cuddly bedtime aid for the modern family. Pivi claims, “every person holds a memory of a time when humans were closely connected with animals”. So gift a teddy so big, it earns the ‘Best Dad/Mom’ mug, STAT!


Yves Klein Table. Table d’Or. 1961.

For the magpie who relishes in tea time and coffee breaks, a furnishing that consists of 3,000 sheets of gold leaf encased in plexiglass. Just be a doll, and add a selection of bespoke coasters to remain the best gift-giver ever!


Yea, these are all great gifts for the collector with a black card, but satisfying an art lover’s needs shouldn’t mean breaking the bank. Stop scouring the web, looking for art online! The Public House of Art exhibits and sells affordable art in limited editions of 30, hundreds of artworks available at the click of button, so you’re afforded options when tailoring a special collection or selecting a special gift. Don’t overthink the holidays, PHOA has the guide for giving gifts to art lovers!








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