Keep Your Resolutions: The Seven Deadly Sins Represented ONLY in Art

How do you make those New Year’s Resolutions stick? Temptation is more than just a devil on your shoulder with a slice of cake. And we’re no better than anyone; the past few days have felt like an entire year has lapsed already! The struggle is real.

But perhaps, there is a way to stay strong and keep up those resolutions for at least another week or so. We’re providing you with a purely visual taste of cardinal sin to help you refrain from succumbing to physical temptations. Besides, the seven deadly sins are so 2016. And if you can't get enough of this enticing outlet, there's plenty more art online for purchase or guilty pleasure at The Public House of Art

GLUTTONY. Wayne Thiebaud. Cakes. 1963.


LUST. Jack Early. Sock and Balls. 2014.


GREED. Sylvie Fleury. Yes To All. 2004.


PRIDE. Gabriel Schachinger. Sweet Reflections. 1886.


WRATH. John Martin. The Great Day of His Wrath. 1851-3.


ENVY. Peter Paul Rubens. Cain Slaying Abel. 1608-9.


SLOTH. Bartholomeus van der Helst. Portrait of Gerard Andriesz Bicker. 1642.








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