Introducing our newest member to The Public House of Art’s online store family: The fabulous, the talented, the diva herself. Vogue loves her, Cosmopolitan magazine can’t get enough, and now we have teamed up with her as part of our first collection, ‘The Awesome’. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you, EUGENIA LOLI. Set off the fireworks, throw rose petals at her feet and welcome her with arms wide open.

Eugenia Loli

Let us give you a brief introduction to our newly critically acclaimed collager extraordinaire. Having grown up in Greece, Eugenia has lived in countries across the globe including Germany and the UK and has now settled down in sunny California. With such a past of varied cultures and experiences alike, it is no wonder her collages are so attractive to one and all.

So let’s delve a little bit deeper into Eugenia, find out what makes her tick, who has influenced her quirky style and how her collages have gained international fame. We’ve got the key so let’s open the lock….

On one side we have a self-confessed science nerd and on the other a collector of vintage collages. Merge them together and what have you got? Trippy, psychedelic images that not only allow your mind to drift off into another galaxy through starry, otherworldly scapes but also allow you to identify with masters past, with Magritte having a strong influence on our pop princess. Also more recent collagers have played their part in Eugenia’s epic career. She freely admits that it was through her love of Julien Pacaud’s illustrations that she got into collage and also that Kieron Cropper was a key influencer in her work.

However somewhat unusually for an artist to state, Eugenia has revealed that she believes for an artist to find their own style, is to lead them down a dangerous route. These limitations are not ones that artists should creatively stick to and they should not be confined to such a specific structure artistically. When asked to define her style, Eugenia categorises it as sarcasm rather than anything visual.

We here at The Public House of Art think that Eugenia perfectly fits with our brand ethos. That art should be for all. None of this double meaning, hidden connotation bullshit. Just incredible art, for incredible prices, easily accessible and will go fantastically with your sofa. So get exploring the works of our newest member to the family. We know you will love her as much as we do (and her 107k followers on Instagram).

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Author: Charlotte Zajicek