Flower Power. An Interview with Cristine Crebas

Is there a moment or journey in life that you accredit to when you first knew you wanted to be an artist?
It’s kinda cliché - I always knew that I was an artist in some form or another - but it took me some time to grow and become a painter.

Was there a pivotal adventure that helped you discover a significant part of yourself?
The moment I took a big step towards becoming a professional artist was when I went on a trip to the US. I had a little portfolio of my artwork with me, I originally thought to use them as gifts for family and friends. But when I started to show my artworks, people wanted to buy them - it was a fantastic and very satisfying feeling - at that moment I just knew that this was my path.

L-R: Cristine Crebas. Mixed Identities II & Mixed Identities IV. Collage. 2016. Original Artworks.

What was the significance or intended message behind titling your series, ‘Mixed Identities’ and why do you believe it is an important message for the world, right now?
‘Mixed identities’ was developed two years ago. I had made some collages before, but I got the idea of the mixed identify theme, because I was invited to make a mural for an art festival in New York. The collages are made up of print newspapers from around the world: Arabic, Hebraic, Greek, Chinese, Russian etc. cultures that are in some form or another in conflict with each other. By dissolving the newspapers, and creating them into beautiful organic pictures, I want to show that, after all we are here on this Earth for a short time, and this is something that we all have in common and unites us as humanity.

Describe your perfect trip:
My perfect trip would be to go back to San Francisco, where I stayed and painted fore 3 weeks around 3 years ago. San Francisco has it all: beauty, great people, lots of water, woods,wine, parties, art…..and it’s home of the hippies and flower power.

Is your studio a reflection of your soul/personality as an artist; what does your studio say about you?
My atelier is a place for creation. I like order, but I also like to display the range of colours and spray paints that I use. Around the studio are cut out pictures that inspire me as an artist. I also make it important to always have good coffee in case a friend or customer drops by ;)

What 5 things must be in your kit at all times?
Depending on where I’m going, I would have my son with me, camera, phone, lipgloss and sunscreen.