Feast for the Eyes: 7 Restaurants to Visit for the Art [and the Food]

We’ve all snapped a shot of our favourite nom noms, hoping to induce food envy across the follower-ship, but as instagram would have it, food trends are the latest fad to be swallowed whole by the snowclone phenomenon - where have the cronuts gone, and when did everyone bin their unicorn frappucinos?

Restaurants from around the world have heard the foodies loud and clear, the time has come to take the art of plating to…actually exhibiting art! Attention art lovers, make a reservation to the following restaurants to see hardcore decor that has no reservations - in no particular order.

1. Adam & Siam - Amsterdam

Adam & Siam is your prime fusion experience where two worlds mix and mingle in a melting pot of art and fine dining. The restaurant hosts rotating exhibitions every 2-3 months, pioneering a cultural agenda that highlights the talents of artists from home and from abroad.

2. Bibo - Hong Kong

The highest forms of art manifest on Bibo’s walls, plates and in their cocktail concoctions. Bibo provides bons vivants with the very best of ‘seasonal French gastronomy’ accompanied by incredible works of art from Banksy, Damien Hirst, Daniel Arkham, Jeff Koons and Aya Takano, to put it plainly. ;)

3. Vandal - New York

Vandal celebrates the 'art, architecture, and food of global street culture from New York to Vietnam to Barcelona and beyond.' As visitors wander down the rabbit hole, they’re welcomed by a monumental, breakdancing lacquered bunny rabbit in the colour ‘Icy Grape’ - a reference to the discontinued hue that remains highly coveted by the street artist community. Once you tip your hat to the bunny you’re thrown into a heavily-tagged world of OBEY, Apexer, Tristan Eaton, Eelus, Vhils, Will Barras, KAWS, Swoon and many others.

4. Bochinche - Singapore

Contemporary surrealism: eye-catching rooms lined with bold prints, patterns and colours, alongside prints of Spanish art set in gilt frames, brassy mesh, and vintage cherub lights. Bochinche’s open kitchen is the perfect stage for the fiery dishes of Chef Diego Jacquet, whose stint at El Bulli undoubtedly helped to season Bochinche’s chorizo croquettes and slices of grilled ox tongue. All we want to know is, what time is supper?!

5. De Bajes - Amsterdam 

‘Taking its name from a Dutch slang word for prison, De Bajes banged up some of the world’s most renowned street artists — D*Face, Ben Eine, The London Police, Laser 3.14 and Fanakapan.’ Art and cuisine come crashing into one another in an explosion that's like beyond Licthenstein ‘Whaam’!

6. Cantina Kahlo - Ritz Carlton Bahrain

Definitely on the ritzy side, but even we couldn’t ignore the panache of this emerald, tropic beauty. Cantina Kahlo’s colourful art and interior evokes the vibrancy of Kahlo’s very own iconic abode. Situated in the garden lagoon, we bet you’ll want to stay lost in this paradise, our unibrows cannot be tamed.

7. Sketch - London

Over the past decade, Sketch has hosted over 50 major exhibitions from artists such as Carsten Nicolai, John Baldessari, Jonas Mekas and Sylvie Fleury. But its the restaurant’s current transformation by British artist, David Shrigley who’s conjured a dining experience that’s à la ‘Alice in Wonderland’, where you can ‘dust’ your food and season your plate with heaps of ‘nothing’. Shrigley’s 239 works that line the restaurant’s walls are accompanied by a monochromatic interior that has us completely tickled pink.

So there you have it, PHOA’s list of restaurants from around the world worth visiting for the food, but more importantly the Art. Check, please.




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