Fashion Inspired by Art [Photo Shoot]

In this day and age many of us are afforded buffets of options everywhere we turn. ‘What would you like today?’ Red, green, blue, black? Large, medium, triple extra small? Shiny or matt? To stay, to go? Hot or cold? At the Public House of Art we say, embrace the hell out of it! Craft your identity and let it shift and shuffle with your choices. Fashion is a conventional way to outwardly express that identity, style and personality. But sometimes it’s art that inspires fashion and then, that’s where the magic happens. On some subconscious level our love for materials and clothes are inherently inspired by specific images that resonate with us. It was just the case for PHoA staff, whom are constantly moved by the art that their fashions bare strong, stylish ties to our own collectible artworks! Take a look at how we decided to show off our unique tastes, let playtime commence!

Rajni Perera. Nana. Embellished Photography. 2016. Edition of 30.

Preta Wolzak. Skua. Photography. 2016. Edition of 30.

Julia Campisi. Malick Sidibe Assitan Sidibe in Marni and Christian Lacroix. Photo Digital Collage. 2016. Edition of 30.

Jitske Schols. Sora. Photography. 2016. Edition of 30.

Max Siedentopf. You're a Dickhead on your Hoverboard, No Matter Where you Come From #2. Photography. 2016. Edition of 30.

Cristine Crebas. Mixed Identities VI. Collage. 2016. Original Artwork.

Today, our Identity kits overflow with information and experiences. Now, anything is possible because we are exposed to infinite possibilities. You love what you love and you love who you love, and to quote RuPaul, “unless they’re paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind.” No longer shall labels of ignorance that brutally simplify people, gender and cultures shackle us.

Come visit The Public House of Art or check out our collection online and be afforded the possibilities. Reinvent yourself with affordable, high quality curated art that let’s you keep those extra coins to snatch that outfit you’ve been eyeing all season. Express your Identity Kit, with art, fashion or both!