Erotic Art to Fill Up Your Valentine's Hard

Long before the Kama Sutra ever came about, we’ve been plagued by our natural urges…for sex! Pick up any Greek pot and you’re bound to find a phallic symbol sticking out somewhere! Or journey east to visit Khajuraho Temple, coined the ‘Temple of Love’, and you’ll be there for weeks looking at each erotic scene.

However, we’re “fortunate” to live in an age where there’s more sexual stimuli at a click of a button than any of our ancestors could’ve ever fantasised about! As we go deeper into the twenty-first century, no longer is it “Naked vs. Nude”, but there is a new rising query, where’s the line between erotica and porn? Is there a line?

We really don’t care, we support artists pushing the limits of art, and for making sex a little less taboo. So here’s a list of our favourite erotic artworks for you to decide (or enjoy); Discover how modern and contemporary artists have handled this edging dilemma.

Marc Quinn. Siren. 2008.


Georgia O’Keefe. Red Canna. 1924.


Bob Carlos Clarke. For Dolls That Do Dishes. 2004.


Takashi Murakami. My Lonesome Cowboy. 1998.


Marilyn Minter. Pop Rocks. 2009.


Jeff Koons. Antiquity 3. 2009-11.


John Colao. Untitled (Nude-1). 2011-14.


Luke Smalley. Exercise at Home. 2007.


John Currin. Nude in a Convex Mirror. 2015


Jitske Schols. Felicia. 2016. Photography. Edition of 30.









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