Discover The Awesome through our disruptive art installation this weekend

The Public House of Art is proud to present its public opening event that will take place on Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 39 this weekend 30th-31st October 2015.

Come and discover The Awesome, our first thematic art collection and witness a unique happening in our store.

For three consecutive days, our windows will host a live performance, or “human installation”, that will subvert once more your idea of how art should be presented.

We were born in Amsterdam: city of canals and narrow houses, home of cyclists and tourists with Van Gogh posters, cradle of stoners and libertines.

With our love of controversy, we chose to focus on one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Amsterdam’s red light district is, among other things, the epitome of a society in which everything, even people, can become objects. Where beauty, sex, or the illusion of love can be bought and sold like merchandise.

To disrupt the concept of the pretentious, traditional art gallery, we decided to cut through the myths surrounding the art world: a gallery is, beyond any romanticism, a place where a transaction takes place.

Art has in many ways become the ultimate form of reification, the definition of commodity fetishism.

We ask an uncomfortable question: is an artwork a mere object? Can an idea be owned? Can you frame an emotion?

The windows of our shop will become red light windows for three days, and we, our artists, and some special guests will wink and tap on the glass at passers-by.


We cannot wait to strip ourselves bare and open our doors by showing you a glimpse of the naked truth.

Is this only a metaphor, or will our butts be on display? You will have to come and find out.