Dickhead Lookbook: Summer Edition

The Public House of Art has been so inspired by Max Siedentopf’s satirical photography series, ‘You’re a Dickhead on Your Hoverboard, No Matter Where You Come From’ that we’ve decided to pump out our very own Dickhead lookbook!

To help you distinguish the degree of dickhead you might see on your everyday outing, we’ve put a magnifying glass to the sartorial stylings that scream, DICKHEAD! (hint, it’s the hoverboard)

*Disclaimer* We are not above anyone, we admit that we too have a pair of Stan Smiths, they’re just so fresh and so clean clean!



 We’ve all seen this guy before, not dancing too hard so as not to get his clean, white Adidas dirty! Wearing his nice Hawaiian shirt, with a linen-cloth bag over the shoulder; nothing says “chill” more than a bulky tote banging against your body. But when you’re on a hoverboard, it doesn’t matter what you wear or where you come from, you’re still a dickhead.


Some think he’s sexy, he’s got swagger for days, but who can even see a BODY in that over OVER-sized t-shirt! Thigh gap, it’s not just for the ladies. And don’t forget that sinuous gold chain getting slightly tangled in betweens sets! Maybe this guy visits his granny every Sunday for afternoon tea. But one thing is for certain, it doesn’t matter how hip you are, you’re still a dickhead on your hoverboard no matter where you come from.


The misinformed dickhead who thinks that he’s a non-conformist by voting for the biggest dickhead! Sorry Pee-wee, we see right through your ignorant game. It doesn’t matter how trendy you may think you are, you’re a dickhead on your hoverboard no matter where you come from.

 No one should be judged or defined by their clothes, but instead, by their actions. So get off that hoverboard, and stop being such a dickhead.