A love letter to the AWESOME

From the beginning, The Public House of Art has had a mission to be different than the standard art gallery, to be a ‘non­gallery’. A space, virtual & physical, where anyone can visit and not feel intimidated by the usually intimidating idea of buying real art. Simple? Not really.

It’s not just about rejecting the standard ‘white­cube’ and hanging some affordable art on the walls. Anyone can do that. We had bigger plans ­ plans to start a change in the international art world, to prove that you can be fun, progressive, swear a lot, drink vodka, AND sell quality artwork from quality artists that can and will raise in value, a proper investment from a not so ‘proper’ art space. Our inaugural exhibition, The Awesome, has now had it’s run and we are proud to say that yes, we hit our mark, we made a splash and we’ve given a lot of happy buyers valuable artworks at very accessible prices.

So now is the time to say goodbye, because for our concept to work we need to let go of our blossoming artists and bring in a new and hungry group of creatives with lots of potential and ambition, beginning on the 26th of May, we launch ‘Identity Kit’. As a parting gift, we thought we’d choose 5 of our favourite pieces from the ‘Awesome’ collection and tell you why we love them so.

Eric Guo - Facing Each Other VII

Facing Each Other VII

Guo’s subtle and poetic ‘Facing Each Other’ series has been a big hit. The ghostly girls represented here are treading between the physical and spiritual worlds, and this specific piece is one of our favourites. Looking down thoughtfully, Guo has captured a moment here, as if she has just let out a sigh, the dark and light chiaroscuro of her face emoting the Yin & Yang of life. A revelation has been unearthed.

Valay Shende - Blue Teddy Bear, Kids

Blue Teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear, what has become a universal symbol of children and love is now transformed into an icon for social change. Established artist Valay Shende took images of street children in Mumbai and transferred their portraits on to each individual metal disc comprising his sculpture. We can assume most of these children have never owned a Teddy. Being reminded of the need for change through art can be a powerful motivator in itself, and we love Valay for it.

Jenny Boot - Vixen


The run of our ‘Awesome’ collection has seen artist Jenny Boot go from a Dutch photographer known in a few circles to an internationally known artist. Her dark and intriguing portraits pull us in and always leave us wanting more. We’ve chosen Vixen to represent her in this list because she perfectly merges the two conceptual strands found in many of Jenny’s pieces. Traditional Flemish style aesthetic with a superhero twist. Who wouldn’t want this majestic heroine to save them?

Andrei Petrescu ­- The Path

The Path

Sometimes the simplest images can grapple with the most profound concepts. Petrescu’s ‘The Path’ symbolises the journey of life towards the the eventual horizon. Quiet, thoughtful, and uplifting to many, footsteps through fresh snow can come to represent the events in our lives. Petrescu himself relates ­ “It’s your path. You know where it starts, you’ll find out where it goes, and you just have to enjoy the ride.”

Barbara van den Berg - Magu





Miss Magu, what can we say, we’ve bonded with this chick over the months, our favourite from Van den Berg’s Goddess collection. She looks at us lovingly, dressed in the style of the army, with a blazing red background pushing her forward. Barbara’s digitally collaged girls are meant to take on characteristics of adulthood, all knowing eyes within child­like faces, and non do it so well as little Magu.