What is pleasure to you? A feather drawing lightly on your body titillating your senses, the orgasmic taste of the chocolate spread all over your lover or even the passion created on the plush velvet rug last night. These temptations and delights are all the things dreams are made of in The Devil Inside Me.


Simon Cornils. Bite Me. Photography. 2017. Edition of 30.

Here at Public House of Art, we love artworks that go beyond the norms and celebrate love and passion by exploring our desires and fantasies. As we continue our celebration of The Devil Inside Me exhibition, we share with you new works by German photographer Simon Cornils. A true visionary when it comes to bringing the ‘devil’ inside out for all to see, temptation is portrayed at its best through his black and white photographs. As part of his collaboration with Public House of Art, Simon teases the viewer with, let’s admit it, the best form of foreplay! A kiss for all those saints and sinners, the good and the naughty, where beauty and eroticism through playful suggestion is depicted.


Portrait photography usually shows the viewer what a person looks like but a true artist reveals something about the subject that is transmitted to the viewer. Simon’s works cleverly outline the sins we’ve all dreamed of enacting every day, all day. His vantage point is up close and personal to be sure you don’t miss out on the powerfully charged subjects. Erotic images such as Simon’s The Ruse, Erogenous, Sugar Lips, Luscious KissandBite Mehave a commonality; they share the purpose of stimulating feelings of desire and sensuality.


Simon Cornils. Sugar Lips. Photography. 2017. Edition of 30.

Kissing is just what the doctor ordered. And swapping spit does play a part in increasing your immune system…right? Anyways that’s what we should be telling ourselves. They say a kiss uses more than 140 muscles, and that’s just in your face. That uses up quite a bit of calories, so why go to the gym when you can get down and dirty with your significant other? How can it not be oh so good for you?


Simon Cornils. The Ruse. Photography. 2017. Edition of 30.

How fitting it is to include Simon’s works as we give our last hurrah to unleashing our wildest fantasies and releasing your internal desires through art. This truly inspires that sexual feeling. So as we draw to a close of The Devil Inside Me (in the physical sense), we give you a sweet kiss farewell. We hope you got that desired stimulation. But this is not goodbye. You’ll still be able to view and purchase the artworks online. So it’s just a see you later…maybe tonight ;)




Public House of Art