7 Crazy Cool Artists to Follow on Instagram

1. Petra Collins
Instagram: @petrafcollins
Petra Collins is the photographer/ model/ it girl who you won’t want to roll your eyes at. The 24 year old is fighting the established beauty narrative one image at a time. At her recent show at MoMa there was no nudity in any of the exhibited pieces. She describes this as a “deliberate choice in my creative process—not something I edited to fit any particular platform.” The platform she’s referring to isn’t MoMA, but Instagram and its censorship of women’s bodies. Her images have a dream like realism that could never be achieved with a simple filter.


2. Charles Madd
Instagram: @charlesmadd
Charles Madd is the multidisciplinary artist to watch. His photo-collages with crude defacement, his iconoclastic takedown of fashion advertisement and his sensitive line drawings make his Instagram account a twisted treasure trove. Bold, fresh and visually exciting yet his bio simply reads ‘FUCK is my fav word.’ Follow him now to see where he leads.


3. Nettle Grellier and George Lloyd-Jones
Instagram: @theboonrigstudio
Nettle and George are on the road, living the Kerouacian dream, the bohemian romance. The artistic duo have been travelling across France and Spain in their mobile studio before recently coming to a temporary halt near Granada where they have started a residency with a group of other young artists. From Nettle’s Matisse style still lifes, to George’s pattern-filled and colour-popped interiors, the couples' work is a unique blend of similarity and difference. Their Instagram covers their artwork, adventure and lifestyle which makes it a compelling click. However, it should carry a warning: this account will make you want to quit your desk job instantly!


Carolina Mizrahi. Ladies in Red. & Booby Machine. Photography. 2017. Edition of 30.

4. Carolina Mizrahi
Instagram: @carolina_mizrahi
Here at The Public House of Art we are coloured happy by our artist Carolina Mizrahi’s work. Colour is used to sensationally subvert fashion photography and thereby comment on gender stereotyping and objectification of women. ‘Booby Machine’, a work created for us, is a pastel-pink claw machine which is filled with breasts. The female form is so distilled only the part the voyeur seeks to ‘win’ is on offer. However, not all of her Instagram is as direct. It is colour-jewel-fest of bright, diverse and surreal feminine images that makes for unmissable scrolling. 


5. Masha Reva
Instagram: @mashareva
Ukrainian print designer and artist, Masha Reva, has an Instagram account as fluid and pleasing as the lines she creates. Her illustrations adorning both body and cloth evoke hints of both Picasso and modernist sculpture. Her body painting, a discipline long associated with gimmick, is truly beautiful. Double tap that!


6. Devin Troy Strother
Instagram: @devintroy
Strother’s expressive artwork is a tongue-in-cheek take on the institutionalised racism and politics of America today. His work covers everything from police brutality, negative stereotypes of black men and the current Trump administration’s political ‘advancements’. Strother’s aim is to reach basketball star Micheal Jordan’s status - “Jordan has surpassed identity and blackness. He's not 'the best black athlete,' he's the best athlete—this supreme entity.” Follow his diverse account to watch him slam dunk, time after time. 


7. Mitra Saboury and Derek Paul Jack Boyle
Instagram: @meatwreck
Meatwreck is a photographic collaboration between artist couple Mitra Saboury and Derek Paul Boyle (Mitra and Derek – meat and wreck). Their photographs are part visual puns and part surrealist art objects. The images are as repelling as they are alluring, yet a far cry from obvious click bait.



Written by London-based Freelance Writer, Lydia Veljanovska for The Public House of Art.






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