6 Pussies Donald Trump Can Grab

It’s official, the United States of America has a new president: Donald Trump. Some are devastated, others relieved, each with a very strong reaction. However, there is only one direction we can go, and that’s forward. The road will be fraught with the unknown and undeniable turbulences; but before things get unmanageably hairy, we suggest an alternative for POTUS to pounce on.

Mr. Trump, it’s unequivocally abhorrent to grab anyone by the pussy. So before one reverts to old ways, the Public House of Art has compiled the ONLY 6 pussies appropriate for grabbing. Art for All. and Art for Every Desire. Please Donald Trump, prove to everyone that an old dog can learn new tricks!

Sandy Skoglund. Radioactive Cats. 1980.


The Haas Brothers. Unique Truman Ca-Pussy Mini Beast in Gotland Sheep fur and cast bronze Cheetah feet. 2016.


Marguerite Gérard. The Cat’s Lunch. c. 1800.


Lombard School. Cats Being Instructed in the Art of Mouse-Catching by an Owl. c. 1700.


Shellie Zhang. Money Cat from the series, 'Made in China'. Photography. 2013. Edition of 30.


Carl Kahler. My Wife’s Lovers. 1891.







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