5 Times Art and Weed Joint Forces

We’ve all had faith in a little toke to clear the mind and lead us down the rabbit hole to creativity. After all, wasn’t it Madonna who said her favourite birthday present was a bong shaped like a penis? Weed has been proactively changing society’s perspective on drugs, and medicine for that matter. And as a result, the herb is in the art world's system, with no signs of detoxing.

Fred Tomaselli. Super Plant. 1994.

The black background and minimalist style highlights the cannabis plant’s delicate, natural beauty without compromising the artist’s own signature sense of psychedelia.

Earlier in 2016, NYPD found 300 lbs ($1 Million worth) of marijuana in a crate labeled ‘ART’! Ok, maybe this doesn’t relate to art in the way that we’d hoped for, but it sure seems like the packaging team was operating under the influence of something…

Last week, N. A. Poe and Chris Goldstein, two cannabis activists, hosted a “pop-up weed garden” outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art to celebrate two years of weed decriminalisation. The event had snacks and refreshments galore with the specific instructions to, “bring yer own fuckin’ weed”, just less than 30 grams ;)

Dan Colen. Life Marijuana. 2006.

This mixed-media installation was created as an homage to marijuana, which sees the artist blow up an iconic Life magazine cover from 1969 that featured a marijuana cigarette foregrounded by a pair of lips. Life Marijuana went on to sell for $47,280 at Christie’s London in 2011.

In 2015, the Oakland Museum of California opened the show, ‘Altered State: Marijuana in California’. The award-winning exhibition provided patrons with an interactive, multi-sensory experience in which weed-enthusiasts could sample scents of different strains of cannabis and touch pot leaves and buds while wearing lab-strength rubber gloves. Museum-goers could also use the Cannabis Confessionals and watch 30 years worth of PSAs about marijuana.

When in Amsterdam, go down the rabbit hole, with or without a space cake, and come to The Public House of Art: a multi-sensory experience where you don’t need a substance to convince yourself that you can afford art. YOU CAN!



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