5 Reasons to take a Train, Plane, or Automobile to see Bosch 500.


Looking to do something Awesome, to get transported to a world of intoxicating imagery or simply want to impress a hot date? Then look no further than the wee town of 's-Hertogenbosch! The Noordbrabants Museum hosts a historical and ground breaking exhibition, ‘Hieronymus Bosch: Visions of a Genius’, which marks the 500th anniversary of the Flemish national treasure. “Who is this Bosch?” you philistines ask. He’s possibly the first tortured artist of the Renaissance whose dark soul has produced iconic pictures of sick, twisted figures in orgiastic scenes. “But why should I pay a visit to look at a bunch of old stuff?!”


Want to impress that arm candy of yours and get out of that dry spell? Bosch is renowned for his personifications of immorality, portraying hyper-sexualised environments that are fraught with contortions of bacchanalian revelry. Creatures, humans and hybrids ravage one another in a plethora of sex positions; this might even stimulate some under the covers fun.

2. Art Lovers Unite!! And maybe more ;)                                                             

For those who’ve locked themselves away, waiting anxiously to purchase your time-slotted tickets to Bosch 500, well those days of hermitage like your pals Jerome and Anthony are over! Hallelujah!! As a lover of art and specifically Bosch; the humble museum delivers a stunning show that unites the cult of Bosch that he’s amassed over half a millennium: a mecca for all art lovers. So seize the moment to be bold and strike up a conversation with a fellow art lover. Feast your eyes, art doesn’t have to be the only thing on the menu.

3. Devilish Fun

An extract from the exhibition guide, “Each of us has to make our way through life as a kind of pilgrimage — a long journey full of temptations and dangers. The devil has laid traps everywhere, making the world a dangerous and immoral place.” So escape the tortures of mundane reality, and probe that inner sadist as it can be quite satisfying to see Bosch’s characters fall threat to devilish traps and their gruesome fates that ensued. I know this is contradictory to Bosch’s moral curriculum, but I promise to take this to confession.

4. Art School Inspo

Bosch is a canonical reference for many art school geeks, and often directly sited so. Great artists throughout art history: Dali, Bacon, Freud and many more have capitalised off embracing the absurd. Perhaps there is a formula for greatness and it begins with Bosch. Half a millennium has passed since the bugger died and he still has an unwavering circle of die-hard groupies. For any aspiring art school student, whether it’s your first year or forth year, we all know knowledge is gained through experience, and what better experience than to see the congregation of his works in the flesh. Guess there is Heaven on Earth…well temporarily. Whatever the case, we recognise that Bosch truly was a pioneer when it came to originality and embracing that inner freak that exists in us all. So, let’s celebrate our weirdness and create just to create!

5. Psychedelic Mind Trip

But for those of you virginal philistines out there who might still need some convincing, his work needs no academic introduction. They’re charged with fantastic intricacies, enough to keep you and that wandering date of yours enthralled. And for those of us, who have dreamt that the perfect acid trip would look something like The Garden of EarthlyDelights, then you know just how far-out this dude’s oeuvre can be. The indisputable legacy that Bosch has had on all the consequent generations of art school geeks still throbs with vigour; if only there were a light show to go along with. And I say throb not as a reference to the orgiastic nature of his figures,but because his creatures seemed to dance in a drug-induced procession. The exhibition is sure to satiate those cotton mouths; whether it’s dry from having left your dentures in for one too many nights, or you’re recovering from the night before. 

‘Hieronymus Bosch: Visions of a Genius’ is once in a lifetime exhibition, exquisitely assembled with enough art and text to appease the academicians as well as those with visual ADD. Delve in to the dark side and speculate how someone could be so uniquely imaginative. Was he sampling magic mushrooms? Was he psychologically disturbed? Call the village shrink! Or was art an escape and his moral guide through the treacheries of good versus evil? Whatever the case, his art is transportive and illuminating, so take a break and surround yourself with art that is Awesome.

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