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Blue Teddy Bear Kids

by Valay Shende

Blue Teddy Bear Kids

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Teddy Bear is a sculpture created by established Indian artist Valay Shende. On each of the metal discs that compose this flawless work of art, Valay has incorporated individual photographic portraits of street children from Mumbai, captured by the artist himself. With this work Valay comments on the complex social issues of his surroundings, using the toy as a universal symbol of love.

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Valay Shende

About Valay Shende:

Valay Shende (India, 1980), is a video artist and sculptor whose work focuses on the troubles plaguing contemporary urban society and its members. Not an easy task to undertake we hear you cry. As part of our The Awesome collection he released a series of sculptures in his unique, distinctive style, depicting what he defines as a universal symbol of love: the teddy bear. Quite the romantic wouldn’t you agree?