Cubicle Suicide

by Tinker Brothers

Cubicle Suicide

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The story behind…

Live fast, die young or spend the rest of your life working for the man upstairs. This sterile life of the white cube, the white cubicle, the white picket fence, ENOUGH! It's time to wake the F up and smell the acrylic binder. So many are looking for fulfilment in the past or future, completely overlooking the present. They are not aware that this moment is something special, something precious. Not aware of the timeless beauty of simplicity.

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Tinker Brothers

About Tinker Brothers:

The contemporary pop artist duo you need to have on your radar is the Tinker Brothers. Based out of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, their epic story began back in 2012 when both Liam and Noah quit their jobs and dropped out of their respective universities to pursue their dreams. Hard core. After some pyrotechnic purging they went rudimental, “all we had left were the essentials: passport, wallet, some clothes, a few books, torch, knife, notebook, laptop, phone, earphones, canteen and photo books.


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