Thibaud Poirier

Paris - France

Thibaud Poirier is a French photographer based in Paris. A true globe-trotter, he has spent most of his life experiencing other cities and cultures across the world and has called Buenos Aires, Houston, Montreal, and Tokyo home to name a few.

Growing up in these vastly different landscapes and cultures, early on he developed a love and fascination for architecture and urban environments. As a self-taught photographer, his focus is to capture the beauty and energy of these places as he sees them. His recent work is centered on the symmetrical beauty and diverse decorative styles of various institutions' interiors. Oh crop! That sounds like an OCD’s dream come true.

In his latest series, Libraries, Poirier offers a gorgeous glimpse inside some of the world's most unique reading rooms. He chose libraries as he was interested in looking back through history and seeing how these buildings, all designed for the same purpose (for studying and storing books), were so different across time and place. From traditional opulence to modern sci-fi, Thibaud’s photographs caters to any taste!