Downtown Train Serie Nr. 3

by Shemara

Downtown Train Serie Nr. 3


Size 31.50 x 23.62 inch



Size 47.24 x 35.43 inch



Size 65.63 x 49.21 inch

The story behind…

This is one classy little miss. Quite the young Elle Woods (Yes, we are referring to Legally Blonde). Hand on hip, dressed to impress, she knows she looks good. This rich kid is waiting on the platform for her train to arrive and seems to have been papped by the paparazzi as she poses with such sass. Her perfect clothes, perfect hair and perfect suitcase definitely make her stand out from the crowd. Ain’t nobody gonna tell her what to do.

Shemara's photographic series of child portraits, that she has created as part of the Awesome collection, is made up of four images of children at train stations.

  • 30 editions
  • Medium: C-Print
  • Mount: Alu Dibond
  • Finish: Plexi Gloss
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About Shemara:

Shemara (1985, The Netherlands) is a young and brilliant photographer based in Rotterdam. Are you tired of seeing photographs of children wearing funny costumes, having pillow fights, or constantly smiling for the camera? Well, Shemara loves to portray kids in her photographs, but she is not that kind of artist. Her child models are depicted in imaginative, cinematic sceneries, but at the same time look very much alive, as if they could speak. Their expressions are adult, their emotions are real.