Self Portrait Editions of 30

Artwork description

Perhaps the most significant piece in 'Made in China', Shellie's Self Portrait conceptually ties the series together. Pictured from behind, she reveals her tattoo of a barcode with date of birth and time with the manufacture title, ‘Made in China’. Amidst products sharing the same origin, Zhang subjects herself as an entity for consumption.

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Shellie zhang

About the artist

The Kit Factories, assembly lines, production, production, production! These regiments have become synonymous with the growing economy of China. A market in which products are continuously pumped out with the titular label, ‘Made in China’. As a new and powerful wave of first generation immigrants comes to age in our times outside of their cultural roots, what is their connection to being ‘Made in China’ as well? Where do they fit in this culturally hybrid world? The Series Shellie Zhang’s...

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Self Portrait by Shellie Zhang
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