Crane Editions of 30

1. Size

Size tier

4 prices, 4 sizes: pick your work and size (FYI not all works come in all sizes).

For just a print: simply select your desired size. All edition works come with a hand signed certificate from the artist for that extra special touch.

(Note that not all artworks come in all sizes and materials, for e.g works printed on canvas are only available in House & Villa).

2. Mount


Alu Dibond

Top of the range for mounting, protection and style.

The work is mounted on a sophisticated sandwich panel of two thin aluminium pieces with a thin protection film on top. Matt finish.

Alu Dibond Plexi/Matt

Optionally with an extra transparent UV protected polymer-based sheet, in a matt or glossy finish.

Liquid Gloss
A thin layer of polished liquid resin poured over and hardened for maximum protection and a high gloss finish.

3. Print

4. Frame



A chromogenic print (huh?!) In other words: a digital print on special photographic paper at no extra cost (don’t say we’re not good to you).

Fine art paper
Special (oooooh) art paper giving a rich matt finish used on either Hahnemuhle or Epson fine art. N/A for canvas or plexi glass. Frame is advised with fine art paper to protect the edges.


Decide to go bare without a frame, or choose between high quality black, white, or our special frame. 'Special' because it was explicitly chosen by our team to suit the artwork best and bring out its loveliest features. Note that not all frame options are available for every artwork.
Use artist's recommendation Using artist's recommendation

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Artwork description

To Zhang, this miniature glass container depicting cranes is another symbol of the transitions that Chinese symbols go through in the West. Reminiscent of elaborate ink paintings on glass, this little guy is commercial, affordable, and just the right size for any desk.

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Shellie zhang

About the artist

The Kit Factories, assembly lines, production, production, production! These regiments have become synonymous with the growing economy of China. A market in which products are continuously pumped out with the titular label, ‘Made in China’. As a new and powerful wave of first generation immigrants comes to age in our times outside of their cultural roots, what is their connection to being ‘Made in China’ as well? Where do they fit in this culturally hybrid world? The Series Shellie Zhang’s...

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Crane by Shellie Zhang
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