Sandeep Dhopate

Sandeep Dhopate

Sandeep dhopate

The Kit

“When we pass away, what will happen?” “But seriously and honestly, what WILL happen?..” An overwhelming and ephemeral thought that unites our concerns. The unknown obtains a misplaced focus that can distract from our own self-discovery and direction. Even though knowing can be a powerful thing, embracing our own significant, yet temporal presence on this earth is the greatest motivation. The myth of ‘what will happen?’ has planted these arcadian fantasies that dictate our actions on earth. However, it is the allure of an eternal paradise that convolutes the acceptance of our own mortality. After all, “there’s no time like the present.” A cliché? Some may say, but in the spirit of Carpe Diem, this present day is the only guarantee in life.

The Series

Sandeep Dhopate’s fine art photography series, 'Elysium' is a visual narrative depicting the journey of man through the treacheries and realities of life. India is the backdrop, though place is irrelevant in the communication of this universal myth. All religions promote the concept of a promised land of eternal happiness after death, an idea created to encourage compassion and respect for everything around. But somewhere along the line, we seemed to have lost sight of the plot and have started engaging in violent, forceful behaviour to gain entry into that Elysium. What has made us believe in a myth so staunchly that we ignore the paradise of now? The elysian fields do exist and we are already here.

The Bio

Sandeep Dhopate is a fine art photographer from India, who has successfully turned his hobby into his career. Like many of us, he was influenced by previous generations to follow a beaten path.It was after 12 years in the corporate world, pinnacled by his position as the VP of a media firm, that his consciousness enabled him to abandon material gains and to pursue his life’s passion of photography. Since then, Sandeep has utilised his wanderlust to explore and discover. He has been a nominee for the International Color Awards (USA) along with being featured in Forbes India magazine. His work has been exhibited at the Dali International Photography Festival (China), Athens International Photo Festival (Greece) and Focus Photography Festival (India). The series, 'Elysium' is not only an original photographic art series that documents a universally sympathetic narrative, but it is the triumph of the artist honouring his true identity.

Artwork by Sandeep Dhopate

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