Nandi & Priest, Narthamalai, Tanjore 2014

by Prarthana Modi

Nandi & Priest, Narthamalai, Tanjore 2014


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The story behind…

When do you think this photograph was taken? It could be a thousand years ago, it could be yesterday, but the outcome would always be the same. (Apart from maybe the odd bird shit here and there). This timeless photograph was shot near the small temple site of Narthamalai in the south of India, which is one of the oldest temple sites in the country. We see a lone priest walking along, so content at living in this time warp. There is a sense that the world has moved on, but time as stood still. We are reminded to be happy with what we have, rather yearning for what could be. (Although that doesn’t mean you still can’t be dying to get your hands on the latest X-Box).

This analogue photograph is one of the six part series of tranquil black and white scenes that Prarthana Modi has captured as part of The Awesome collection.

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Prarthana Modi

About Prarthana Modi:

Prarthana Modi (1978, India) is a photographer based in New Delhi. If you are tired of the noise, of the colourful neon lights, of the flatscreens and the 3d movies, if you are at the point of ripping your clothes off, growing a long beard, and run back to nature to live off roots and berries...stop for a moment. Relax. Let yourself be charmed by the timeless and moving images that Prarthana Modi captures with her elegant black and white. Then, if you still want to escape civilization, we will be happy to drop you in a gas station on a highway of your choice.