Paolo Angelucci

Paolo Angelucci

Paolo angelucci portrait

Who or what is the personification of the Devil?
"Shallowness is the devil."

How do you resist temptation? 
"I don't resist."

If the Apocalypse is imminent, what would you do your last day on Earth?
"Ride a horse."

What do you do when no one’s watching?
"I smoke."

What is your favourite sexual position?
"All of them."

Paolo Angelucci (1978) is an emerging Italian artist from the seaside city of Pescara working in the art of polaroids, but with an unexpected twist. Nicknamed the ‘Instant fine-art Photographer’, Angelucci’s work is anything but instant as he patiently manipulates and lifts polaroid colour emulsions from their base to create works that seem so delicate and fragile they may fall apart with a strong blow of air. But nevertheless his artwork, framed and secure, can stand the test of time better than any Instagram photo in the digital realm.

For The Public House of Art Angelucci has focused on myths surrounding hoofed animals, specifically the deer and the donkey, each with it's own twist on what is considered devilish behaviour. Angelucci’s works have been exhibited internationally between many cities in Italy, New York, Los Angeles, and now Amsterdam.

Artwork by Paolo Angelucci

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