Sweet Dreams are Made of These

by Mika Suutari

Sweet Dreams are Made of These


Size 31.50 x 23.62 inch

Sales price:

$ 2500


Size 47.24 x 35.43 inch

Sales price:

$ 4250


Size 65.63 x 49.21 inch

Sales price:

$ 6000

The story behind…

In Sweet Dreams are Made of These it takes you back to those summer evenings spent looking up at the sky, hoping you’ll catch those sneaky comets. Ever wish on a shooting star and it came true? Yea me neither. Turns out I had to wait a few million lightyears. But this work should hold you down till then.

  • 30 editions
  • Frame: Black Boxy with Musumglass
  • Medium: C-Print
  • Mount: Alu Dibond
  • Finish: Plexi Gloss
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  • 30 days
Mika Suutari

About Mika Suutari:

Born in Helsinki and currently residing in Nurmijärvi (try pronouncing that!) in Finland, Mika Suutari gets his fix from capturing nature in all it’s glory. It all started on a fateful day 10 years ago when Mika purchased his first pro camera and it’s been history ever since.