Matthias Haker

Potsdam - Germany

Matthias Haker is an Urbex artist whose name has essentially become synonymous with genre of photography. In 2008, he bought his first digital SLR camera while he was doing a degree in media computer science - it was then that a seed was planted - in the cracks of an abandoned castle, we’re guessing. Since 2012 he has cultivated an illustrious career as a professional freelance and fine art photographer.

As fate would have it, Haker has become the specialist in architectural, landscape, urban topics and decaying buildings. His artworks have appeared in international magazines, and they have been presented in exhibitions in London, Berlin, Paris and now at the Public House of Art in Amsterdam.

His series of collaborated works is like walking through the halls of Downton Abbey, if it were on a cloud in the sky and trashed by your favourite rock band. Wanting to know where these hotspots are located? Well Mr. Haker has been bombarded with this questions by many (ourselves included). “There is a reason that I don’t give any [information about these places]. I love abandoned buildings, I see so much beauty in these places - unfortunately many people don’t.” The elusive photographer strikes again!