Hyacinth Bouquet 6 Editions of 30

Artwork description

In collaboration for ‘The Devil Inside Me’ Mance van Beers created the titular “Bouquet” series, inspired by Mrs. Bucket from the iconic television series, Keeping Up Appearances. She delicately places miniature re-visions of larger sculptures under glass domes as a means of seducing the audience to get them curious and greedy. Each work within the series plays with conflicting notions of vanity and the urge to impress - delicate sculptures are encased in glass, but their physical appearance evidences a labored process.

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About the artist

Mance van Beers is a ceramic artist with a multidisciplinary background in photography, painting and spatial design. It wasn’t until 2003 that she discovered clay and the unprecedented variety of possibilities for design and art. Mance uses her studio in Voorburg to create classical vases and antiquated shapes, which form the basis of her work. She stacks amphorae and hydras to create a new, contemporary shape that’s stripped of its original function, resulting in a self-contained object. ...

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Hyacinth Bouquet 6 by Mance van Beers
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