Mance van Beers

Mance van Beers


Mance van Beers is a ceramic artist with a multidisciplinary background in photography, painting and spatial design. It wasn’t until 2003 that she discovered clay and the unprecedented variety of possibilities for design and art. Mance uses her studio in Voorburg to create classical vases and antiquated shapes, which form the basis of her work. She stacks amphorae and hydras to create a new, contemporary shape that’s stripped of its original function, resulting in a self-contained object.

Because the artist works intuitively, some may say that her physical actions are sometimes guided by ‘The Devil Inside Her’. Delicate sculptures with a robust power form a classical base from which horns, flowers and snaking coils undo its original function; the object comes to life. “I look for balance in form, structure, texture and colour; the beauty and power of natural elements inspires me.” The power of a bull and tenderness of a flower; power and beauty, strong and tender.

For her collaboration with The Public House of Art, Mance van Beers’ titular series Bouquet I-VI was inspired by Mrs. Bucket from the iconic television series, Keeping Up Appearances. She places miniature re-visions of larger sculptures under glass domes as a way to seduce audiences; to get them curious but greedy as well. Her works play with conflicting notions of vanity and the urge to impress, delicate sculptures are encased in glass, but their physical appearance evidences a laboured process. She experiments with construction by using mixed media to edit her artworks in multiple layers; blending colours and textures that acknowledge a tactile genesis.


Who or what is for you the personification of the Devil?

Hm someone...I can't remember her name...


What kind of Devil Inside you do you sometimes release?



How do you resist temptation?

I won't.


What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

Chewing gum


If the Apocalypse is imminent, what would you do your last day on Earth?

Turn on my (ceramic) oven

Artwork by Mance van Beers

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