Ignis Comedenti

by Lola Cervant

Ignis Comedenti


Size 23.62 x 35.43 inch

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$ 2000

The story behind…

With such beauty and precision Lola has DRAWN (no not photographed… but actually drawn) this figure with sheer ease and grace. Translated as ‘The Fire Eater’ she throws her head backwards, mouth open, to release this geometric ‘fire’ pattern into the sky. Hot stuff.

Lola's hyperrealism, portraiture series of pencil drawings really epitomises The Awesome!

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Lola Cervant

About Lola Cervant:

Lola Cervant (Mexico, 1989) lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. This lovely lady seems to have been born with a pencil in her hand and with that some serious talent. Her impeccable drawing technique is as realistic as life itself.