Catulus Leonis

by Lola Cervant

Catulus Leonis


Size 23.62 x 35.43 inch

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The story behind…

Lola’s exquisite technique will have you questioning again and again as to whether this is a photograph or indeed a pencil drawing. With such incredible mastery Lola has created this portrait of a young girl with a ‘catulus leonis’ (translated as lion cub) crawling up her face, undisturbed and unnoticed.

Lola's hyperrealism, portraiture series of pencil drawings really epitomises The Awesome!

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Lola Cervant

About Lola Cervant:

Lola Cervant (Mexico, 1989) lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. This lovely lady seems to have been born with a pencil in her hand and with that some serious talent. Her impeccable drawing technique is as realistic as life itself.