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  • Zilveren Camera Awards (2nd prize 2018)
  • Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2017 (Finalist 2017)
  • 8th Edition of the Julia Cameron Awards for Women Photographers (Finalist 2016)
  • Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2016 (Finalist 2016)
  • Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize 2016 (1st Prize 2016)
  • Athens Photo Festival 2015 (Shortlisted 2015)
  • GUP New Dutch Photography Talent (WInner 2014)


Jitske Schols

Amsterdam - Netherlands

The Kit

Jitske Schols grew up in the middle of a forest on a beautiful estate. But contrary to what people might think, she was anything but rich. It’s these contradictions in life that she has since felt comfortable with and which made her realise at an early age that people are not interested in facts: it’s all about interpretations. It led to Jitske's tendency to constantly put things into perspective. In her photography she tries to give expression to that by always showing another side, regardless of any prejudices. It’s for the viewer to contemplate what to see and to believe.

The Series

For Identity Kit, Jitske Schols focused on the notion of being Dutch. She photographed young people that are half-Dutch, half something else, covering every continent of the world and emphasizing our global ancestry. Steering clear of the exoticism so often associated with multi-raciality, Schols strives to photograph her subjects as they are, but including the trappings of everyday life - make-up, clothing, accessories - in an unconventional way, adding a typical Schols signature. Mother to a mixed-race daughter herself, she offers a new perspective on the ever-growing mixed-race population. Go ahead and check your family tree. You will find ancestors you did not know were there.

The Bio

After a successful 20-year career in communications (The Body Shop, Schiphol Airport) Jitske Schols changed course in 2013 and became a fulltime freelance photographer. Although she had always loved her previous job, this new step has made her a happier person. And happy she should be: within a year after her career change she was proclaimed New Dutch Photography Talent 2015 by GUP, and within two years, she was shortlisted for the Athens Photo Festival.