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Artwork description

Jenny Boot is incredible in her technique at blurring the lines of traditional and the modern. She uses the style of traditional Flemish painters with a contemporary twist. Take a closer look at the collar that you may have presumed to be a traditional part of her dress… No you are not mistaken, those are really tampons and sanitary towels. In Luna’s hair you will see that she is wearing a traditional headpiece that was worn in Friesland hundreds of years ago that indicated when girls “became women” and were ready to get married. Don’t think that would go down too well these days! This “transformation” is also highlighted by Luna revealing her bra, saucy minx, someone’s dying to get laid.

This portrait is part of the photographic series that sees Jenny Boot create a modern take on traditional, flemish inspired images. As most editions of the artwork have found a new owner already it is under collectors status and therefor a little more pricey than most other works.

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Jenny new portrait

About the artist

Jenny Boot (The Netherlands, 1969) started her artistic career as a painter, but soon realised photography was an even more precise medium to express her feelings, a language that gave her more control in translating her vision into images.  Let her take you through a journey into the depths her mind: fasten your seatbelt and bring a flashlight, because it will be a bumpy ride. You will be seduced, amazed, provoked and there’s a chance you will never want to go back to the dullness of...

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Luna by Jenny Boot
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