Fur Editions of 30

Artwork description

If a photograph could win an Oscar. Don’t be fooled by her looks, first impressions can be deceptive and darkness doesn’t always manifest in the most expected ways. Wijnmaalen drops a curtain of tenebrism behind her subjects, captivating viewers in a trance that’s entrenched in history. Like Venus in Fur, sometimes so is the Devil.

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Irene wijnmaalen portrait

About the artist

Irene Wijnmaalen is a fine art photographer regarded for the contemporary subtlety she stoically imbues to each artwork. For her collaboration with The Public House of Art, Wijnmaalen has created a complementary selection of richly historicised photographs. Fascinated by the Golden Age era of portraiture, she has used this aesthetic to express the dichotomy of purity and corruption behind female portraiture. Though the works’ chromatic filters rest on opposite ends of the spectrum, each young woman engages with the same narrative, and it’s no Jekyll and Hyde tale.

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Fur by Irene Wijnmaalen
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