Anchored Self-fulfillment - 06

by Flore Zoe

Anchored Self-fulfillment - 06


Size 23.62 x 35.43 inch



Size 31.50 x 47.24 inch



Size 49.21 x 73.82 inch

The story behind…

The battle between the light and shadow sides ensue within this piece in Flore Zoé's exclusive series for The Public House of Art, 'Anchored Self-fulfillment'. She, the representation of us, fully gives in to pleasure while every fibre of her being might try to pull away or rethink. A daily struggle for many of us. Although letting go can feel like the wind blowing through your hair, ain't it?

  • 30 editions
  • Medium: C-Print
  • Mount: Alu Dibond
  • Finish: Plexi Gloss
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Flore Zoe

About Flore Zoe:

Flore Zoé’s main calling in life is to capture a vital truth in the complicated nature of beauty. A successful fine art photographer and concept artist, Zoé was born in Delft in 1975 and from the moment she picked up her first camera, Zoé knew she had discovered a new language. Though at first a student of Psychology, she later studied photography to pursue her passion. But her interest in the complicated meanderings of the mind remained in her art.