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A chromogenic print (huh?!) In other words: a digital print on special photographic paper at no extra cost (don’t say we’re not good to you).

Fine art paper
Special (oooooh) art paper giving a rich matt finish used on either Hahnemuhle or Epson fine art. N/A for canvas or plexi glass. Frame is advised with fine art paper to protect the edges.


Decide to go bare without a frame, or choose between high quality black, white, or our special frame. 'Special' because it was explicitly chosen by our team to suit the artwork best and bring out its loveliest features. Note that not all frame options are available for every artwork.
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Artwork description

What once began as a high society, traditional couple, sharing a romantic kiss, has been transformed by Eugenia into a puzzling psychedelic image, where their two faces merge into one through a vibrant, vivid web of intermingling colours.

This series of fifteen colourful, digital collages sees cut-outs of sci-fi and vintage magazines merge together.

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Eugenia loli

About the artist

Eugenia Loli, (Greece, 1973) born and bred in Greece but has also lived in the UK, Germany and currently California. The popularity of this well travelled global citizen is rocketing sky high. Hold on tight whilst we delve into her bedazzling works that truly are out of this world. Let’s take a step back and learn about how Eugenia ended up where she is today. Our captivating collage creator did not always have artistic dreams and aspirations set in her sights. Starting off in the working...

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Secret Affair by Eugenia Loli
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