Esther Levigne

Esther Levigne

Esther levigne portrait

Who or what is the personification of the Devil?
"There is a difference for me between the devil and evil. I believe the devil is a projection of our incapacity, balancing our natural urges with our spiritual. So for me, I could say the personification of the devil is the everlasting war between Dionysian and Apollonian forces."

What kind of Devil Inside do you sometimes release?
"That would be anger or even rage.... "

How do you resist temptation?
"I try not to...but in some cases I just think of the consequences, they're not always very good."

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
"Red wine."

What do you do when no one’s watching?
"Dance as wild as I can."

Esther Levigne is a Dutch artist born in Barcelona, now living between Amsterdam and New York. Her graphic, illustrative work draws upon notions of beauty and sexuality, making them difficult to abstain from. A common thread across her multidisciplinary practise is the combative response to society’s cosmetic canon; the consequence, hybrid figures that bleed and twist in carnal revelry. As part of a two-part collaboration with The Public House of Art, Levigne has provided a wide selection of original ink drawings and fine art paintings that capture her obsession with the human body, religion, violence, eroticism, beauty, innocence of childhood and submission.

Her illustrations straddle chromatic realms with exposed inks of flesh and blood. In her provocative interpretation of evolution and destruction, we observe a sweet and aggressive Boschian universe where gender is anthropomorphic and erotically charged iconography pulses in tantric rhythm. Discordantly, her vibrant paintings are wrinkled by sculpted layers of varnish that expose varied glimpses of what lies beneath. “Behind the skin, organs are transformed into thoughts, tissues into dreams and systems in desires.” Each layered material and technique has a story and cloaks another, leaving a trail of fantasy, where different realities are aroused.

Levigne received her Bachelor in Arts and Education from the Academy of Visuals Arts in Maastricht. Amongst her string of accomplishments was when she was awarded with the Ilse Frankenthal Prize for her photographic etchings. Her work is housed in prominent art collections throughout the Netherlands and internationally. Since 2006 she has joined the creative collective, ‘La Escocesa’ in Barcelona.

Artwork by Esther Levigne

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