Facing Each Other II Editions of 30

Artwork description

Here we see a girl dressed in a Chinese worker’s jacket. To add a more serious note to this piece the artist could be referring to the classical female figure from the Maoist Cultural Revolution. Or she could just be a girl brushing her hairs out of her eyes?

Facing Each Other is a twelve part, black and white, photographic series of portraits of young asian girls.

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About the artist

Eric Guo (China, 1964) is not your average photographer. Eric Guo is not an average man either. He is a quiet, private man, whose only interest is creating breathtaking works of art. He doesn’t drive a fancy car, and you won’t see him at the next hipster vernissage. Day after day, year after year, you will find him in his studio, perfecting his art. This guy is a force of nature: a poet, an artisan of the image, a fucking genius. Pardon our French. Eric was born in a poor,...

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Facing Each Other II by Eric Guo
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