Elizabeth Koning

Elizabeth Koning

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Who or what is the personification of the Devil?
"Martin Shkreli, the 32-year-old chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals."

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
"For me, chocolate is my Achilles heel. After the mini-euphoria wears off, I start to lament the fact that I ate it."

If the Apocalypse is imminent, what would you do your last day on Earth?
"I would do everything I did today, because the only alternative is to do nothing. Many people can't have the lives they want, or they would simply choose to have something better."

What do you do when no one’s watching?
"Not always, but sometimes I practise accents while driving, and make faces at babies when their parents aren't looking."

Favourite curse word?
"fucker ˈfʌkə/ noun vulgar slang noun: fucker; plural noun: fuckers a contemptible or stupid person."

Before her career in fine art photography, Elizabeth Koning managed an Italian modeling agency with the otherworldly muses of the Milanese In-Crowd. She danced with the more decadent temptations in life: tantric island dance parties, penthouse perspectives, and an endless flow of champagne. The scene was lively, sexy, and provocative.

Galvanised by a new cultural awareness, after fifteen years Koning moved back to the Netherlands and established an iconic style of portraiture that seemingly marries the finesse of Italian Renaissance painting with reinvented Dutch settings. To look at a photograph by Koning is to be transported through a cloud of sfumato and into an older time. The rolling hills of Italy have been replaced with the landscape of the Low Countries, while cloudy skies light the models in a spiritual glow. But what are these figures conveying to us with their eyes?

For The Public House of Art and ‘The Devil Inside Me’ exhibition, Koning developed a series where each artwork quietly reflects the inner struggle with one of the seven deadly sins. Represented in their Latin names, Superbia, Luxuria, Invidia; these serene and tranquil figures come with a touch of the strange, as each grapples with her pride, lust, envy and so on. Are they the symbolic children of Eve? We’ve all felt the same sting of sinful thinking at one point or another, let these artworks wash you of your sins while they absorb every last devilish thought, like the Dorian Gray of our faults.

Artwork by Elizabeth Koning

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