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Love Cut, this one of a kind collage work from Cristine Crebas interweaves Arabic, English, Hebrew, Danish, and Russian newspapers in an organic and sensual style. Looking at our roots (literarly) and noticing that they are all in-fact interconnected is Crebas's aim for this series.

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Cristine crebas

About the artist

Cristine Crebas was born in 1962 to a Dutch mother and Danish father. Crebas attended the Danish Design School, and was the recipient of ‘The Danish National Bank Anniversary Fund’ (Denmark). Ever since a young age she’s had a lust for travel and when she turned 16 she moved to Israel for two years. It was a new environment that inspired her to explore, through her travelled experiences she gained confidence and an invaluable knowledge of herself. Traveling with no set destination in mind, it was then that she found her identity as an artist. It was the emergence of Crebas’s true identity that led her to form her own artistic language, formed by adventures and experiences.

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Love Cut I by Cristine Crebas
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