Let’s Hear it for New York 1

by Carla DLM

Let’s Hear it for New York 1


Size 23.62 x 35.43 inch



Size 31.50 x 47.24 inch



Size 49.21 x 73.82 inch

The story behind…

Dazzling lines, polychromic shapes and interweaving images; let’s hear what New York has to say. “I dreamt about New York last night; I heard its Siren Song. I didn’t know where I was and where it was all going to end.” Carla is a magician; in her game of lights and shades, she creates a reality, a reality where she shares a piece of her world with us. The deeper we excavate, we lose ourselves in her layers and layers of ever-changing patterns and tessellations that comprises her fantasy city life.

  • 30 editions
  • Medium: C-Print
  • Mount: Alu Dibond
  • Finish: Plexi Gloss
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Carla DLM

About Carla DLM:

Carla DLM is a New York based fine art photographer whose work has been published and recognised internationally. As we descend deeper into the psyche of Carla DLM, we find that her series of the urban cityscape reflects a deep understanding of the pulse/vibrations of New York City life. Alongside her passion as a professional photographer, Carla is an electronic engineer, a designer and a website developer - a true Renaissance Woman!