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Our multi-talented Dutch artist Barbara van den Berg is at it again, not only has she mastered the art of digital collage, she has now produced as part of The Awesome theme, this stunning series of young girls. With no fear or hesitation these girls are desperately trying to make contact where, for the majority of the series, they stare directly out into the realm of the viewer with big round beautiful eyes. The epitome of innocence and youth, it is through their naivety that we are invited to revisit our childhood. With varying hand gestures, some fighting, some inviting, their naivety is laid bare. Each with their own quirky touch these adorable little girls urge you to take a step back from your world jam packed with social media and communication. Stare right back, go on, don’t be afraid, and succumb to the silence they radiate. By using acrylic paint on wood, painted at least ten times over, an astonishing depth and intense quality is achieved. Truly, madly, deeply, awesome.

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About the artist

Barbara van den Berg (The Netherlands, 1978) is an insanely talented artist. Did you think the Dutch could only paint flowers and cows? Well, you will have to reconsider after seeing her work. Look closer: some of her collages are the mix of up to 40 different characters. Who would have thought a patchwork of people could be that beautiful? She sure did. Is she a visionary? Is she a magician? Go back a few lines: insanely talented, it’s as simple as that.  Barbara is an eclectic artist,...

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Fien by Barbara van den Berg
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