Klimt of the Streets Editions of 30

Artwork description

Lovers stand on the edge of the sofa, protected in a golden blanket that draws them close. However this is a gilded reality, and for a fleeting moment they are detached from reality. Soon they will step off the sofa and join in the mundane routine of day to day life. Surrounding figures are trapped in the repeating and trivial circles of their existence; some grouped accidentally and others captivated by transmitting devices. The enveloping stimuli is temporal decoration. Whether you're rich or poor, clever or stupid, beautiful or ugly; one day you'll get your moment of eternity, but if you’re too wrapped up in the insignificant, you might miss it completely.

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About the artist

Andrey Kezzyn is a completely self-taught, fine art photographer based in St. Petersburg, Russia. With more than ten years of experience under his studded belt, this photography-badass has tactfully employed elements of theatricality throughout his oeuvre. Having devoted the last four years of his career to stage photography, Kezzyn’s discipline has enabled him to master the genre. His compositions are intricately bound to narrative, illustrating his incomparable dominance over the medium.

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Klimt of the Streets by Andrey Kezzyn
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