The Tides

by Ale Rodrigues

The Tides


Size 23.62 x 35.43 inch



Size 31.50 x 47.24 inch



Size 49.21 x 73.82 inch

The story behind…

The best escape is a place no one will find you. These long exposure photographs by Ale Rodrigues capture the serenity of nature, searching for the right conditions in the sky and water and truly mastering the contrast of the waves. You know what the downside to this is? Not being able to wake up every morning soaking up the beauty of this artwork.

  • 30 editions
  • Medium: C-Print
  • Mount: Alu Dibond
  • Finish: Plexi Gloss
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  • 10 working days
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Money Back Guarantee
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Ale Rodrigues

About Ale Rodrigues:

Frame, shoot, hang. Seems like a quick wham bam thank you ma’am. Not in the case of photography aficionado Ale Rodrigues. Currently living and working in São Paulo, Brazil, Ale developed his hobby in 2006 when he received an analogue camera from his father. He quickly developed his talent in long exposure photography creating blurred seascapes you dream about. Who can see the negatives (get it)?!

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