Aiala Hernando

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Having done projects with Harrods, Esquire and Martha Stewart (among many more top-notch brands!), Amsterdam-based Aiala Hernando is a trailblazer you don’t want to miss.

Rather than following in the same footsteps as her father (who was a photographer), Aiala dipped her toes in Fine Arts which she later incorporated into her photographic style. Her studies influenced her contemporary approach to classical painting through photography, giving her a unique style where natural light and exquisite use of composition and color transform her works into timeless creations you want to get your hands on!

The Emotional State series created uniquely for the Rijks Exhibition is the artist’s contemporary interpretation of the classical Rijksmuseum floral paintings from Georgius Jacobus Johannes van Os and Jacob Campo Weyerman. Her art captures different scenes of contemporary lives and turn the illusions depicted into tangible imperfect moments, revealing intimate happenings of our modern lives. It’s up to you to decipher what really went on behind the scenes!