Paolo Angelucci: Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture

Posted on August 19th, 2017

From Andy Warhol to Dash Snow, the polaroid has maintained a fanning popularity. Today its presence can be felt and witnessed in everyone’s local pub, hub and place to grub. Every young person in town has at least one polaroid tucked in their drawer with an illegible, chicken scratch message on the convenient lower white border. 1989 might be the dawn of T-Swift , but we’ve all been shakin’ it like a polaroid picture long before she could shake it off.  

Cue, Paolo Angelucci (1978) a revolutionary who has decided to release the polaroid from its classic white frame. No drunk timestamp from him. By using the emulsion lift technique, his pictures become free-floating, light images that wander in our imaginations. He applies them to guitars and other objects, but mainly creates ephemeral, tessellated collages. A great example of the latter is Hubertus, in which he pasted palm trees in place of antlers on the deer’s head. Aptly named after the referenced saint on everyone’s favourite bomb - the Jägerbomb.

Paolo Angelucci. Hubertus. Original Artwork.

Italy rewarded Angelucci’s inventive artistry using polaroid photographs with the Y.I.C.C.A. prize in 2009. Ever since, Angelucci’s works have been exhibited internationally in many cities like New York, Los Angeles, and now in Amsterdam at The Public House of Art!

Paolo Angelucci. Pinocchio. Original Artwork.

For The Devil Inside Me, Angelucci has collaborated with original works depicting  hoofed animals. Both the donkey and the deer, have respective wicked and diabolical myths that surround their being. Born and raised in Italy, Angelucci knows the tale of Pinocchio and pleasure island like no other. In the story, mischievous boys are sent to  Pleasure Island, on which they can misbehave as much as they desire. The only thing they aren’t told is that with this misbehaviour; ears begin to grow and hooves begin to kick as they morph into complete jackasses! In this story of the enchanted Pleasure Island, Angelucci finds his inspiration. Pinocchio and Hubertus are in good company amongst other bewitching, and sinful works.


Written by Amsterdam-Based Freelance Writer Rose Heliczer for The Public House of Art.





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